law enforcement
80% of all assaults on law enforcement officers are carried out with fists and hands.

correctional officers
Correctional officers face 33,000 assaults by inmates every year. That's 90 assaults everyday.

private security
One million private security personnel in the U.S. facing similiar threats as law enforcement officers.

civilian protection
Offenders used a weapon in only 1% of all sexual assaults. Most often fists and hands are used.

No-Contact LLC, is a research and development company focused on wearable technologies synthesizing advanced textiles with electronics and computation for personal protection and safety.

Our mission is to help protect security personnel, law enforcement officers, military and civilians using the latest in wearable technologies.

Conducted Energy Clothing or (CEC) is a proprietary technology developed by No-Contact LLC to assist security personnel and law enforcement officers confronted with close-quarter assault situations involving attacks with fists and hands. Conducted Energy Clothing (CEC) act as a last line of defense during an assault. When activated, an aggressor touching the exterior surface of the CEC receives a high-intensity non-lethal charge that causes them to immediately withdraw contact.

No-Contact LLC is working with the U.S. Army Science and Technology community, Special Ops forces developing prototypes.